Could you be one of our exceptional Staff?

Could you be one of our exceptional Staff?

The Three Chimneys have excellent opportunities for anyone with the drive to forge a career in the vibrant Scottish Hospitality Industry.

We need professionals at all levels of experience to commit to being with us for at least one full year and season. In return for this commitment we provide the highest quality of training and will do all we can to help you develop your career. For many years, The Three Chimneys has been an incubator for top industry talent. Some of our recruits have so enjoyed the #TeamThreeChimneysSkye ethos and island life that they have made their long term homes here. Other alumni have moved on to some of the most exciting jobs in United Kingdom and international hospitality. 


1. Global Destination

After 34 years of welcoming guests with warm hospitality and true professionalism, The Three Chimneys Restaurant and The House Over-By have reached a special place in the world.  We have become an iconic, Scottish destination experience which so many travellers are drawn to with high expectations of what they will discover.  It takes a lot of forward planning to get here and involves quite some journey.  Our guests have already invested much of themselves before they even walk through our front door. This places every member of our team in the privileged position of looking after people who are truly looking forward to having a great time while they are with us. These guests are a joy to look after. This is a privilege which carries a lot of responsibility, but is a unique element contributing to a rewarding career with The Three Chimneys.

2. Professional Mindset

The great mix of people and personalities which make up Team Three Chimneys has been celebrated time and again in our recent reviews. It takes a professional family of forty-five people, all living and working together on Skye to make The Three Chimneys happen.

We are truly open to applications from people at different stages of their lives and careers. We recruit young people, often just out of school.  We recruit established hospitality high-flyers who are on a fast track to leading careers in the industry. We recruit career changers who may have accrued a wealth of experience in other professions but who are re-focusing their work into the world of food, drink, hospitality and tourism. We have part-time staff, often residents from the local community, who work with us alongside their other lifestyle activities.

What everyone has in common is the same professional mindset. We need to know you are fully committed to providing our guests with the best experience possible. Given that commitment, we are willing to invest in every aspect of your training.  We also support every effort team members make to acquire external qualifications. This year alone we have been involved directly with the Hospitality Industry Trust Scotland, The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, The Wines and Spirits Education Trust and The Court of Master Sommeliers.

The quality and expertise of our staff has been a crucial factor in being named UK Restaurant of the Year in The Good Food Guide 2018 and winning the AA’s prestigious Food Service Award. These rewards recognise dedicated work and achievements which everyone can be proud of.  They add great distinction to a professional career.

3. Skye Life

Choosing to make a career at The Three Chimneys also involves making the lifestyle choice of coming to live on Skye. Recently voted the most beautiful place to live and work in the United Kingdom, the daily connection with such a breath-taking environment becomes an important element of what attracts people to make their lives here. However, life can lack easy access to many of the amenities which urban dwellers take for granted and that is something which everyone who wants to work for us must take into consideration.

Our stunning location also lies right at the heart of what makes working here unique. Over many years we have built up very special relationships with a marvellous range of local suppliers, crofters, farmers, foragers and fishermen. This means that - more than any other restaurant in the country - we have one of the closest working relationships between those who produce our high-quality ingredients, our chefs who cook them and the team who serve the finished results. This is a compelling reason to come and work here, for anyone truly interested in fabulous fresh food.  


Calum McEachern, Chef de Rang (Senior Waiter)

"I like my job at The Three Chimneys because I enjoy being part of a small team who share a passion for what they do. I feel the company are respectful of people’s different circumstances and accommodate this within what is an organized and reasonable weekly rota. It does not matter where you come from or what level of experience you have when you arrive…as long as you are willing to learn, all the right training will be provided. I feel a sense of pride to be part of the next phase of a journey for a business that has been created over so many years.

"The first day I arrived and stood looking out to Loch Dunvegan right opposite The Restaurant and The House Over-By, I really fell in love with the place and with Skye. It was immediately clear to me why this is a destination experience, not just for guests from the UK but from all over the world. If you are coming to work here, I think it is really important that you have this instinctive feeling about Skye. It does help to have a car. Skye does take a bit of getting used to, but after a short time, as soon as you are back in a city, you just long to get back to all the peace and beauty here."

 Dominick Byrne,  Sous Chef:

"Before joining The Three Chimneys, I had only ever worked in big hotels with high turnover. By contrast this is a very personal place, I am a valued part of a little professional family and not just a number. That is very important to me. I am also part of a bold hospitality idea that has evolved over many years. There is a clear focus on the sheer quality of the outstanding local produce, which always plays centre stage without unnecessary embellishments. There are no middle men involved…I actually know exactly whose hands have cared for my ingredients and heard the passion in their voice when they talk about their products. That is the most important thing that any young chef can learn...that it is all about the produce…where it comes from and respect for who is making it.

"I was in London before, but it was far too full-on and urban for me. Within two weeks of being in Skye I had completely fallen in love with the place. I feel it every morning when I look out of my window to a breath-taking sea view instead of a brick wall. For me Skye is not about isolation or loneliness but the joy of peace and quietness… the true luxury of just being able to be completely by yourself if you want to be."

Sylwia Radzio,  Assistant Restaurant Manager:

"The Three Chimneys has a very special charm. I am fortunate to have had a high level of hospitality training in Poland and it was very important for me to come and work in a place where these skills would be really valued; a business where high standards of service are expected every day and where I have the opportunity of spreading the joy of great hospitality to our guests and sharing much of what I have learned with my colleagues. I fell in love with the whole place during my trial shift. It just felt like coming home. I have also been encouraged to build confidence and develop my skills with an early management training course and I am taking this further next year with a programme at the University of the Highlands and Islands.

"The Isle of Skye is a magical place. I grew up on a farm and I have always loved nature, art and fresh food.  What our team of talented chefs at The Three Chimneys do each day is like art on a plate. It is a pleasure to be responsible for presenting this and delighting our guests at the table. It makes me very happy to see their reaction. I have to admit I have felt lonely at times, but for me any sense of isolation is banished by the compensations of all the wildness and beauty of the environment that surrounds me and the friendship of many special people who find their way here."     

Emmaline Horton, Chef de Partie:

"I come from a strong family tradition of producing delicious homemade food in Yorkshire. My grandfather has always had a big kitchen garden and orchard. My grandmother still bakes every day.  My Mum made all of our meals at home using the best of local produce. I have fond memories of endless fruit picking and preserving. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a chef and at home I have always been known as the person obsessed with sweet things, cakes and baking. My ambition is to be a pastry chef and I am now on that journey at The Three Chimneys.

"I like working here because I find there is a relaxed and friendly team dynamic.  Despite the Restaurant’s reputation there is not the full-on pressure I have experienced elsewhere. The hours can be long, and you need a real love and passion for being a chef to get you through. There is always a lot to do, but this makes the days fly by very quickly, building towards being fully prepped for the peak points when you need to be ready for a busy lunch and dinner service.

"I have family on Harris in the Outer Hebrides and I came to know Skye by going to visit them. The whole island has many diverse natural environments. The spectacular views often take my breath away as I am driving to work and I often feel like I am holiday every day."

Recruiting now for:

 SOMMELIER/ASST RESTAURANT MANAGER (Maternity Cover: Contract 1 Year Minimum 2019) 



CHEF DE RANG (Senior Waiter)

COMMIS WAITER (Junior Waiter)

We offer excellent salaries or competitive hourly rates, and some of the best hospitlatity terms and conditions available in Scotland. All tips are shared with every member of staff at the end of each month. Staff accommodation is available if requ  Please email CV and a covering letter about which role you want to apply for to our General Manager, Paul Hughes

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