Much Mohr Juicy!


For well over a year now, Head Chef Scott Davies has replaced the copious amounts of White and Red wines, traditionally used in The Three Chimneys kitchen for stock and sauce preparations with Cairn O’ Mohr Fruit Wines. Spring Oak Leaf and Elderflower & Gooseberry replacing the White Wine, Bramble and Elderberry replacing the Red Wine.

“It was not simply about substituting one product for another.  I wanted to bring these fundamental elements of kitchen preparation in line with the Restaurant’s overall ethos: of serving our guests the very best that Skye and Scotland has to offer. Fruit wines and cordials have been made in Scotland for generations and once we had sourced the very finest, a period of experimentation then followed…gradually working out which fruit wine best complemented the main component in each of my dishes, be it meat, seafood or vegetable. This involved a bit of trial and error, but when we got it right there was an overwhelming improvement in flavour intensity and viscosity,” commented Head Chef Scott Davies.

The Cairn O’ Mohr founders Ron and Judith Gillies first met playing poker on a river boat in the steaming, mosquito-infested mangroves of the Panamanian jungle. It was there that they hatched a plan to make their living by producing fruit wines somewhere in the middle of Scotland. On their return home they found that The Carse of Gowrie, between Perth and Dundee, and running along the shores of the Firth of Tay between Glencarse and Invergowie was the perfect place to establish their new business, with its abundance and variety of stunning wild berries and soft fruits.

They started the winery with a bottle, a book and a stick in 1987, and before too long their operation had gone from strength to strength. By 2010 they had opened their first café and even splashed out on a new wheelbarrow. They now produce an extensive range including Berry Wines, Flower and Leaf Wines, delicious sparklers and fine, authentic ciders as well as a non-alcoholic selection.


The fruit wines have been so successful in The Three Chimneys kitchen that it felt right to give them some pride of place on the Restaurant Drinks list as well.

Restaurant Manager James Alexander-Thom and Head Sommelier Charlotte Davies have had a very positive reaction to these new listings:

“Guests immediately comment on the sheer intensity of the fruit aroma from the Strawberry and Wild Foraged Elderflower Sparkling Wine before they have even had their first sip.  They say that it is a great alternative to ordering a glass of sparkling Rosé for their aperitif.  Many guests are astonished that the Cairn O’ Mohr company has been trading for over thirty years and yet they have never even heard of it, seeking it out in their supermarket or online soon after they visit us. The non-alcoholic Braes of Gowrie Sparkling Elderflower is perfect for celebrations where non-drinkers or younger people make up the party. We can serve them what for all intents and purposes looks like a fine glass of champagne with a delicious, dry floral note all of its own in a beautiful flute and make them feel fully included in the event. The Sparkling Mixed Fruit Cider is also the current last pour of the delicious wine selection that accompanies our Skye, Land and Sea Tasting Menu. After an extensive viticultural tour round many of the world’s top wine regions, we are proud to return to Scotland for an intense fruity flavour burst of wine to accompany the dessert finale.”

Cairn O’Mohr Mixed Fruit Cider is another popular choice as an aperitif for Dinner or long drink at Lunch. The Carse of Gowrie has been famous for its apples, pears and plums since Victorian times.  The fruit used to be shipped down to London on boats setting sail from Port Allen on the Tay. Like ancient monuments, scraps of the old orchards still exist, dotted around the Carse. A heritage orchard forum meets regularly at the Cairn O’ Mohr winery where matters relating to restoration of these orchards and the planting of new ones are discussed. Their tasty cider is made with some of the old varieties and a mixture of modern ones from the local area.

So as we continue to search the world for the finest beverages, it is very pleasing to have found such quality on our own doorstep!

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