Lucky to be here


Most people who up sticks and commit to a move to Skye truly appreciate how lucky they are to live on this wild, beautiful and enchanting island. Some people have been lucky enough to have lived here all their lives. Others leave for a time but find themselves yearning to come back.

For many of The Three Chimneys team weaned on all the immediate services of city life it takes time to adjust to the practicalities of remote living. One question that goes through many of our minds is what would happen in a medical emergency?  An eventual inevitability at The Three Chimneys, which welcomes so many thousands of guests every year.

Ironically, as we know from experience, local medical emergency services are superb and may infact respond even faster than in a major town or city.   A state-of-the-art ambulance is always on call between Dunvegan and Portree with highly trained paramedics. While the ambulance is on its way, a 999 call will also trigger a visit from local first responders who are on call 24 hours per day to provide emergency First Aid until more specialist help arrives.

Catherine Stevens, our Accounts Manager, has trained as one of this local team.  Through her and the regular First Aid staff training for our full-time team, we realised that having our own Three Chimneys defibrillator on site could make all the difference if we, or our neighbours were ever faced with a life or death resuscitation.

So we chose Lucky2Bhere as our local charity to support this year and set about raising the money to buy the crucial equipment. First we invited all of our local bed and breakfast and self-catering recommenders for The Three Chimneys version of a delicious Burns Lunch. Then to honour St. Patrick’s Day we staged a second Celtic Lunch for all of our key suppliers and collaborators.  Thanks to their generous donations on the door and our own contribution over £1,500 was raised and the new defibrillator is now fully installed on the outside wall of The House Over-By for use by our team or any of our local community.

Along with staff from each of our departments, Guest Services Manager Sarah Spear received full training from the The Lucky2BHere crew and we now have the peace of mind of knowing we are prepared and ready to help in time of need.


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