In July last year it became clear to General Manager, Paul Hughes, that no amount of expensive maintenance was going to bring the creaking kitchen appliances back to an operational level. Tinkering here and there was just not going to work. Worse than that it was actively hindering a business that is now almost fully reserved seven days every week, and eleven months of every year.

Together with Chef Scott, the two men sat down and started to plan how to bring the workplace back up to the necessary professional level. They began quite cautiously, ever mindful not to do harm to their already highly successful efforts to control business costs and grow profitability.

When they presented their plans to Three Chimneys owners and directors, Shirley and Eddie Spear, if anything they were encouraged to go further. To be responsible certainly, but not to scrimp or cut corners. To accept the brief of working creatively together to forge a brilliant new working environment for all forty-five members of the current Team Three Chimneys.

This supportive advice was a game changer. As well as the installation of top quality equipment, every ergonomic handicap was tackled and much more working space was created for our Servers and Kitchen Porters.  Every visual obstruction that had always prevented our Kitchen Table guests from being able to fully see and be part of the action have been removed.  For Shirley and Eddie, it was the logical next step in what has been a rolling programme to completely refresh their iconic Restaurant-with-Rooms. Year one: total refurbishment of The House Over-By accommodation block, year two: The Restaurant and now The Kitchen, the absolute beating heart of the action for what is a global destination fine dining experience…serving the world the absolute best of Skye, Land and Sea.

No stone has been left unturned. Front of House, Petri Pentikäinen has just been appointed the new Three Chimneys Restaurant Manager and Head Sommelier. Working together, Chef Scott and Petri have formulated new service protocols which build on the legacy of thirty-two years of excellent Three Chimneys service, but have also taken a forensic and flexible look at every short-coming. Their plan is informed by a desire for perfect service execution, but all to be delivered with even more knowledge, informality, warmth and friendliness than ever before. Routines have been simplified to liberate our staff at all levels, to build their confidence and empower them to do the most important part of their job…to offer world class hospitality and guest service to our extraordinary visitors.

Practically, emotionally and professionally Team Three Chimneys are in great shape for the 2017 season…bring it on!

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