Shirley Spear wins lifetime achievement award for her work in rural affairs


Shirley Spear, Co-Owner of The Three Chimneys is celebrating after receiving a Scottish Rural Lifetime Achievement Award, one of the most prestigious accolades in the industry.

The Award, sponsored by Scotland’s Rural College, was given to Shirley in recognition of how her work, enthusiasm and commitment through The Three Chimneys and her role as Chair of the Scottish Food Commission has enhanced the lives of others. 

Organised by Scottish Field Magazine, the Scottish Rural Awards, which are now in their 2nd year, showcase the dedication and aspiration of those who live and work in rural areas of Scotland. 

“Last night’s awards were all about the Scottish spirit of hard work and entrepreneurship that exists beyond measure in our wonderful rural lands. I truly believe that by working together, we form the backbone of Scottish industry, delivering a very specific economic benefit to the nation as a whole. We employ people of all ages and abilities. We support local communities and create micro-economies by our very existence. We are guardians of our beautiful landscape, our culture and traditions. We are champions of all that is best about Scotland, our fresh artisan produce of all kinds, our warmth and hospitality in all weathers,” said Shirley Spear in her acceptance speech.   

“I pledge to continue to lobby for better funding for rural infrastructure, for more democracy in national decision-making and - it goes without saying – the delivery of wider, greatly improved, digital connectivity with the rest of the business world, at the earliest possible moment in time.”

Richard Bath, Editor of Scottish Field Magazine said:

“It’s difficult to overstate Shirley’s contribution to Scottish food or the country’s restaurant trade. As well as making a huge success of The Three Chimneys in such a remote location, she also kick-started the process of changing the negative perception of Scottish food forever. As well as demonstrating to the world that Scotland has some of the best produce available anywhere, the often simple but effective way in which she used those ingredients – especially in her rediscovery of traditional dishes – helped set the new benchmark for the thousands of chefs who have come in her wake.”


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