Three Chimneys Summer Wine Offering


The Three Chimneys Restaurant with Rooms has always been about sourcing the best local produce and celebrating the Scottish Larder. From the langoustines of Loch Dunvegan and the hand-dived Sconser scallops to the local croft eggs and salad grown five minutes down the road, each ingredient is just as important as the next. Although we serve and prepare the dishes, it is the hard work of the suppliers, farmers, crofters and fishermen that makes it all possible.

Our Three Chimneys Summer Wine and Recipe Box, in partnership with Woodwinters Wines, has been created to celebrate our ethos and relationships with our own team, the beautiful local ingredients, and the wild Isle of Skye landscape.

It goes without saying that is has been an unforgettable 12 months, with cancelled plans and postponed family celebrations - we know all too well how excited we are to be getting back to some normality. We hope our Summer Wine and Recipe Box goes some of the way to making you feel like part of our story.

Scott and Charlotte Davies, our Head Chef and Head Sommelier, form a unique partnership as they are also a husband and wife team (and parents to a wonderful daughter). They have had the unique opportunity to design the Three Chimneys Summer Wine and Recipe Box containing six wines chosen by Charlotte and six recipes of dishes to pair with them that represent those found on our menu, hand crafted by Head Chef Scott. The box will guide you through your evening with a wine description and the reasoning behind each pairing as well as a full recipe and stepwise preparation method for each dish.

"I consider is a real honour to be able to work so closely with Scott on a professional level and pair wines with his incredible dishes. I know I am biased, but it is truly a wonderful experience to have worked so long with my husband. Scott is the reason I stepped into the wine world initially and on to my Court of Master Sommeliers journey. Provenance and authenticity of ingredients is very close to my heart, so it's incredibly important to know the story and faces behind the tireless work. Although Scotland is not known (yet anyway) for its established vineyards, I have handpicked our producers because they create incredibly high-quality products whilst pushing boundaries in their creativity and maintain a deep connection with the environment around them. Just like our team members and beautifully created dishes, each producer has their own story to tell."

- Charlotte Davies, Head Sommelier

"It is really amazing how wine can elevate food, and vice versa. We are both very excited about this collaboration and it's great to be able to showcase the ethos we represent. It's been life's privilege to work alongside my wife every day and long may it continue. The ethos of the Three Chimneys is the best of Skye, Land and Sea - nature has done all the hard work for us. We can't thank the suppliers enough for their continuous hard work in producing such great quality ingredients."

-Scott Davies, Head Chef

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