UK Restaurant of the Year


The Editors’ Awards recognise restaurants and chefs who have shown excellence in their fields. Chef Scott Davies was praised for his impeccable cookery style and use of seasonal, local produce by the Guide’s Editor, Elizabeth Carter:

“It is superbly satisfying to come across a restaurant that knows just what it’s doing, without seeming to try. Clearly, Chef Scott Davies is evangelistic about Skye’s culinary heritage and his menus are strongly rooted in the immediate area – most ingredients come from a 20-mile radius. This is where the Three Chimneys truly excels, and makes its mark: in the quality of those raw ingredients and in the rich depth of flavour that distinguishes every dish. This is memorable, engaging cooking served by a proud team.”  

Head Chef Scott Davies responded:

“As chefs in the kitchen we are always very heads down, the blinkers on, getting on with the job, so it was a bolt out of the blue to get a call from the Editor of the Good Food Guide and find out that The Three Chimneys has won UK Restaurant of the Year. I was so thrilled. Even happier because the award celebrates our closeness to our suppliers, the seasonality of our produce, of course good food and great service. It is a huge honour for all of Team Three Chimneys and our local community.”  

The seasonally changing menus at The Three Chimneys reflect the outstanding variety of Skye’s authentic natural larder from land and sea and the produce is sourced from local food producers, fishermen, crofters and other small businesses of many kinds. This is the first time The Three Chimneys has made it into The Good Food Guide Top 50, making a chart debut of number 25 and being awarded an exceptional cooking score of 7.  

The Guide’s eloquent review tells the whole story of the best of Skye, Land and Sea:  

“A sensitive refurbishment of this modestly proportioned former coastal cottage and its neighbouring bedrooms concluded with a brand new kitchen in 2017 that pays dividends in enhanced culinary capacity. Head Chef Scott Davies focuses on provenance and authenticity. His menus reflect Skye’s culinary heritage and ancient Nordic connections and most ingredients come from a 20 mile radius. Truly evangelistic about respecting ingredients, his cooking cherishes native breed animals such as Soay lamb, wild deer and Iron Age pigs from nose to tail. Orbost Highland beef bathed in the pungent sweetness of new season garlic is celebrated fourfold through confit flank, pressed tongue, short rib and fillet- each miniature mouth-marvels in their own right, together a bovine masterclass. Local fish and shellfish are equally revered: Dunvegan crab from the loch outside offsets the sweet white flesh with a savoury brown-meat mousse, aromatic pickled fennel and floral bee pollen. Such imaginative recipe design with vibrant flavour combinations and deft executions mean the kitchen has little need of gadgets or technical trickery to impress. Desserts reinforce the ethos of artful simplicity – witness a hedgerow forage elevated to gastronomic glory in pressed apple with bramble, elderberry and hazelnut. Extensive wine choices with expert sommelier support span the price range while indulgent gin and whisky options are perfect for a contemplative moment in the lounge overlooking the loch.”

All of Team Three Chimneys were delighted to receive this news and photographer Alan Donaldson has helped us celebrate with this montage of our recent pictures:

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